SST Affiliate

Site Safety Training Online Verification System

The introduction of Local Law 196 of 2017 established new training requirements for workers in the construction industry and as a result has had a significant impact on training providers approved by the NYC Department of Buildings. By increasing the amount of training required for construction workers, the demand for training has also increased.

The Department released a list of course topics detailing the required training for workers and supervisors along with additional course provider requirements including specific methods in which courses must be delivered, how cards must be issued, and how recordkeeping and reporting must be conducted.

Meeting these requirements will require a substantial amount of effort on the part of the training provider. Not only must the training provider develop curriculums based on strict guidelines but will also be required to produce and issue Site Safety Training (SST) Cards with definitive features designed to deter forgery and counterfeiting and promote an adequate level of confidence in the authenticity of the cards. The course provider must maintain a record of said cards using a secure online verification system containing various information of the card holder and the training which they have completed.

Becoming a Partner

Lergent Corp has developed a custom secure online verification system that not only meets the department of buildings requirements successfully but makes this technology available to other training providers through the use of sub-domains. By becoming a partner you will have the ability to identify and manage users, verify user training documentation to ensure authenticity, and issue site safety training (SST) cards all from our custom made administrative panel. Our application may also be used as a platform to increase sales and traffic to your website by informing users of required training courses and direct them to your website’s course calendar or landing page.

Key points

  • This is only available to NYC DOB approved training providers list here.
  • Affiliates will receive their own secure database not to be combined or shared with other affiliates.
  • Affiliates will receive a unique sub-domain including but not limited to company logo, phone number, administration panel, etc. (see sample here)
  • Affiliates will have the ability to issue and manage Site Safety Training (SST) Cards, track workers on jobsites and assign Site Safety Personnel to specific locations.
  • Lergent will provide 24/7 online user support for issues relating to technical matters.

Feel free to contact us at or 718-593-4789