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What is a SST Card?

SST Card stands for Site Safety Training Card. How to obtain a SST Card? and Who needs a SST Card? To obtain a SST Card one must take training with NYC DOB Approved Training Provider in order to receive a SST Card. Local Law 196 of 2017 requires that all Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager must have a total of 30 hours of safety training by December 1, 2019 and a total of 40 hours by September 2020. Supervisors also must have 62 hours of training by December 1, 2019. In order for workers to be on the job site they are required to have a SST Card by December 1, 2019.

SST Card Demonstration - Key Points

  • Anti-Counterfeit Technology

    Our ID cards are outfitted with security features such as QR codes which are used to check the validity of an individuals SST Card and to distinguish a real SST Card from a counterfeit one.

  • Documentation Tracking

    All user documentation such as Training cards and certificates are verified and stored in our database to keep track of expiration dates and to ensure that workers training certifications are up to date

  • User Notifications

    Users will be notified when it is time to renew their SST Card and may also view which certifications must be renewed before becoming eligible to renew their card

  • Easy to use Interface

    All users are greeted with a simple user friendly dashboard that explains what each SST card does and which requirements must be met in order to become eligible for that card

  • Schedule Training

    Users are notified what training must be completed to obtain their selected SST Card and may schedule the appropriate training directly from the website

  • Site Safety Accounts

    Site personnel will be able to easily keep track of workers in the field by adding jobsites to their personalized accounts. Once a jobsite has been created Site Safety personnel can add workers and accurately determine which workers have the proper qualifications to be on the jobsite by viewing which workers have provided SST Cards and which have not

  • Company Accounts

    Company’s may create accounts to keep track of their employees training documentation, SST Cards, and scheduled training to ensure all workers remain in compliance

  • Custom Admin Dashboard

    Admins may view user training documentation and information to determine if their certifications and/or SST credits meet program qualifications

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